Basement Drywall and Renovations

Basement drywall installation is a huge step in finishing your basement renovation. So, if you’re ready to finally install drywall, congrats!

Finishing basements to make them into a comfortable living space is one of the biggest renovation projects for Canadians, but you want to make sure to work with professionals to avoiding moisture problems that can be common with basements.

Here are some tips to consider before having us install your basement drywall:

Double check all of your walls

Are there any studs with bowing that stick out into the room? Bowing inward toward the wall is okay, but bowing out may mean your drywall will have lumps or waves.

Basement Insulation

You may want to prevent moisture vapour in a basement by using rigid foam, and installing insulation in the entire basement ceiling stud bays will help prevent noise travel from above.

Be Prepared for a Dust Job

Drywall installation is a very dusty job. Prepare by protecting any electronics or valuables with plastic drop sheets, and move your furniture.

Basement renovations that include drywall tend to be the most cost-efficient option. Drywall provides flexibility for design and can be used for ceilings, walls and archways with a clean, smooth appearance. Although drywalling does not complete your basement renovation, it is the final step where you begin to see your dream as a reality.